Our colleagues in The EOR Alliance that have been selected to receive the 2023 Technical Reviewer Award for outstanding service.

Congratulations! To our colleagues in The EOR Alliance that have been selected by the Executive Editors and the Associate Editors of SPE’s peer-reviewed journals to receive the 2023 Technical Reviewer Award for outstanding service:

SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering:
Eric Delamaide, IFP Technologies (Canada)

SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering-continued:
David Rousseau, IFP Energies nouvelles
Valentin Guillon, IFP Energies nouvelles

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Tristan Euzen, special contribution to AAPG Bulletin

We are excited to share the release of the Special Issue of the AAPG Bulletin “Carrier beds as reservoirs: Linking conventional and unconventional resources”, Co-Edited by John Breyer and Tristan Euzen.

This project came out of a presentation that John Breyer gave at the Gussow Conference, co-chaired by Tristan Euzen in Banff, in October 2019. John had this project in mind for several years and Tristan was also convinced through his work on the Montney play and a growing body of literature, of the importance of carrier beds as an exploration concept.

This Special Issue is finally released thanks to the authorship of highly experienced and skilled experts from academia and industry, as well as to the valuable contribution from reviewers and AAPG Editors

You can find the title of the papers of this special issue in the reference list of the introductory paper “Carrier beds as reservoirs” and through the link here below:


The Northeastern BC Montney Tight Oil Play: Potential and Challenges
Talk at Geoconvention Conference. Sept 21-23/2020

Tristan Euzen Presented a well-received talk at the Geoconvention 2020, in collaboration with Enlighten Geoscience and Agat Laboratories. It summarizes the potential and challenges of the Montney over-pressured tight oil fairway in Northeastern British Columbia. You can watch this presentation here: https://youtu.be/rvjF-0SdfCA

Eric Delamaide acknowledged for outstanding services as a Technical Editor at ATCE

Eric Delamaide of IFP Canada has been acknowledged for outstanding services as a Technical Editor for the SPE Reservoir Evaluation and Engineering Journal.

The award will be presented at the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE) held in Amsterdam Oct. 27-29, 2014.

Find out more about the SPE Annual Technical Conference here.

Daqing (China)

IFP (a member of the EOR Alliance) was contracted in 1985 to perform screening studies for the giant Daqing field (China), the producing at high water-cut following several years of water injection. IFP recommended polymer flooding to increase the production and reduce the water-cut and subsequently performed the geology, reservoir engineering and laboratory studies for the design of two polymer flood pilots (Chauveteau, Combe, & Dong, 1988).

The two pilots proved highly successful (Wang, et al., 1993) (Delamaide, Corlay, & Wang, 1994) and the polymer flood was later extended to the whole field. Daqing is now the largest polymer flood in the world.

Pelican Lake (Canada)

IFP (a member of the EOR Alliance) proposed the first polymer flood in a heavy oil reservoir in 1995 in the Pelican Lake field. This thin (5 m average) giant reservoir (6.4 billion barrels OOIP) contains high viscosity oil (over 1,000 cp) and has mostly been produced through primary depletion using horizontal wells. The first pilot failed because of operational issues but a second pilot in 2005 proved highly successful (Delamaide, Zaitoun, Renard, & Tabary, 2013), with the production in the central producer going from less than 10 bopd to over 360 bopd. After almost 8 years of continuous injection the central well in the pilot is still producing over 150 bopd with a water-cut of less than 70%. Following that success the polymer flood has been extended to most of the field, making Pelican Lake the second largest polymer flood in the world after Daqing.