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Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

As reserves evolve, oil producers have to face new challenges to increase oil recovery in mature fields, depleted reservoirs and heavy oil. Our state-of-the-art chemical EOR capabilities address the most complex technical aspects of these challenges.

Integrated Solutions Long-standing IOR/EOR Experience End-to-End Solutions

We have expertise in complex reservoir conditions, including chemically-enhanced waterfloods using polymers and surfactants and chemically-enhanced gas and steam floods using foams.

The EOR Alliance partners have been active in EOR (Chemical, Thermal, Gas) for over 30 years and have been directly involved in more than 200 studies around the world including more than 40 field projects.

We can deliver customized step-by-step or integrated EOR project solutions.

EOR Services

  • Consulting
    • Pres-screening and Screening services for EOR. Identify and rank EOR technologies according with reservoir and field conditions
    • Reservoir studies
    • Support for pilot design and monitoring
    • Support for pilot field implementation
    • Support for pilot interpretation
    • Support for field expansion
    • Peer reviews
  • Laboratory
    • Polymer screening and corefloods
    • SP and ASP formulation design and corefloods
    • Gas foam formulations and corefloods
    • Steam foam formulations and sandpacks
  • Reservoir simulations
    • Consulting support for reservoir simulations
    • Core scale simulations
    • Pilot scale simulations
    • Field scale simulations
  • Water management
    • Emulsion risk assessment. Impact of EOR formulation on produced fluids separation and facilities.
    • Impact of EOR formulation on produced water treatment and facilities.

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  • ┬áTraining
    • On demand training, workshops and seminars on EOR topics
    • Screening a reservoir for EOR
    • Chemical EOR, field cases in conventional and heavy oil
    • Thermal EOR and use of foams in steam injection. Field cases
    • Gas EOR and use of foams for improving operation. Field cases

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