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Produced Water Management

What type of water treatment issue do you need to solve?

EOR can impact your overall produced water cycle in a number of ways. Our experts can help provide the solutions.



Problem 1: Production additives are reducing EOR performance

How we solve this:

  • We evaluate the impact of production chemicals on EOR chemical performance through compatibility tests (Visual, Turbiscan) and efficiency tests (viscosity, solubility ratio, IFT, core flood experiments).


Problem 2: EOR chemicals are impacting the topside production processes

How we solve this:

  • We evaluate the impact on gravity and electrostatic separator efficiency (bottle tests, EST tests; dispersion rig, phase analysis by optical microscopy, etc.).
  • We measure the impact on water treatment efficiency (Jar-tests, flotation, centrifugation and membrane filtration).


Problem 3: EOR chemicals are creating production well challenges

How we solve this:

  • Risk assessment on microbiological activity (souring enhancement risk, etc.).
  • We measure impact on corrosion (electrochemical corrosion tests, weight loss measurements).
  • We look at compatibility with polymeric materials compatibility (size & weight measurements, mechanical tensile tests).
  • Monitoring fluid rheological behavior (controlled stress rheometer,,extensional rheological properties, etc.).


Problem 4: Repercussions from using produced water as a water source

How we solve this:

  • We measure impact on EOR chemical performance through compatibility tests and efficiency tests (viscosity, solubility ratio, IFT, injectivity, core flood).
  • We examine the potential impact of filtration-cake on EOR chemicals degradation.


Our Testing Facilities

Located at Lyon site, IFP EN provides a Gas-Oil-water Separation Platform (GOwSP), a closed-loop facility operating with gas, crude oil and water, dedicated to:

R&D studies: crude oil separation behavior in vertical and horizontal testing separators

Testing of equipment: internal separator equipment, O/W and W/O monitors, pre-coalesce devices.

Unite pilote U740 boucle separation GOwSP (Gas-Oil-water Separation Platform) a IFPEN Lyon - Moyen d'essais d'equipements et moyen d'etudes de la separation de melanges gas-huile-eau dimensionne et construit dans le cadre d'un contrat de recherche avec Total (projet PAZFLOR de Total)

To learn more about produced water management, please contact us.


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