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IFP-Canada and its partner companies offer geoscience-grounded, fit-for-purpose integrated solutions for exploration, appraisal and development of unconventional and conventional oil and gas resources in Canada and internationally. Bridging industry and academia, we keep abreast of cutting-edge research and industry trends to design cost-effective and practical workflows that help our clients addressing specific challenges, from small projects to major undertakings. In a fast evolving and challenging industry landscape, we acknowledge the need for operators to minimize costs and increase efficiency and we strive to adapt our offer to meet the scope, timeframe and budget that bring the most value to our clients.

IFP-Canada Integrated Geoscience Solutions

  • Unconventional performance and liquid recovery data analysis (integrating geology and engineering)
  • Expert potential and risk evaluation of emerging unconventional plays
  • Definition of play concepts, mapping lead and prospects for unconventional or conventional resource exploration
  • Independent geological assessment of producing fields (farm-in/farm-out, production optimization)
  • Stratigraphic and petroleum system modeling
  • The next solution will depend on your input: Let’s innovate together!

Our Geoscience Experience in Western Canada

Projects on the Montney Formation
Projects on the Mannville Group
Other Projects in Western Canada

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