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IOR/EOR Training Services

IFP Training flexible and customized programs combine technical expertise and field experience to train and develop the professional skills and knowledge in IOR and EOR. The contents are from introductory courses on EOR to advanced pilot design, implementation and interpretation.

Example of courses presented recently:

  • IOR/EOR Basics
    • Need for IOR/EOR
    • Water injection
    • Gas injection (miscible, immiscible)
    • Thermal processes (CSS, steam flood, SAGD, In-Situ Combustion)
    • Chemical processes (polymer, surfactant, ASP)
    • Various field cases presented for each process
  • Mobility control for IOR/EOR
    • The need for mobility control in IOR and EOR
    • Polymer as a mobility control agent for chemical floods
    • Foam as a mobility control agent for gas processes
    • Foam as a mobility control agent for steam-based processes
  • Basics on polymer flooding
    • Polymer properties
    • Operating a polymer flood
    • Influence of various parameters of flood performances
    • Field cases
  • Chemical EOR pilot best practices
    • What is a pilot
    • Phase 1: Design and preparation (including lab, reservoir simulations, facilities)
    • Phase 2: Execution (including monitoring program, interpretation, operations)
    • Field cases used to illustrate every aspect

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