Extract more value from every step in the recovery process.

How to Get Started

If your project could benefit from the latest technologies, software and expertise in the oil and gas industry, here is a quick guide to taking the next steps with IFP Canada.



1. Contact Us

If you haven’t already, contact us by phone: 403-234-0342 or by email: info@ifp-canada.com to book an introductory meeting. We’ll answer any questions you have and provide a free initial consultation. This helps us provide a flexible and customized approach to meet the specific needs of your company.

What information will we ask for? Download our screening sheet below for samples of the details we typically ask for in the initial screening phases of a project:

Screening Sheet acrobat



2. Pre-feasibility Analysis

When you engage with us, you will receive the most in depth pre-feasibility analysis offered in our industry. We take pride in this initial phase, since it sets up the success for the rest of the project. Our EOR prefeasibility analysis includes:

  • Data review for current status analysis
  • Selection of EOR methods
  • Estimation of additional recovery through phenomenological models
  • Economics in $/bbl

To do this analysis, we use polymer and surfactant screening criteria, experience, analogue fields and simple software. In more complex cases, more detailed reservoir engineering (including reservoir simulations) can be performed.

The timeline for prefeasibility analysis? Typically 1 month.



3. Approval and Next Steps

When prefeasibility is complete, we’ll be able to tell you if your reservoir is a good candidate for our technologies.  If so, you’ll receive our recommendations for next steps.

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