Tristan Euzen, special contribution to AAPG Bulletin

We are excited to share the release of the Special Issue of the AAPG Bulletin “Carrier beds as reservoirs: Linking conventional and unconventional resources”, Co-Edited by John Breyer and Tristan Euzen.

This project came out of a presentation that John Breyer gave at the Gussow Conference, co-chaired by Tristan Euzen in Banff, in October 2019. John had this project in mind for several years and Tristan was also convinced through his work on the Montney play and a growing body of literature, of the importance of carrier beds as an exploration concept.

This Special Issue is finally released thanks to the authorship of highly experienced and skilled experts from academia and industry, as well as to the valuable contribution from reviewers and AAPG Editors

You can find the title of the papers of this special issue in the reference list of the introductory paper “Carrier beds as reservoirs” and through the link here below: