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Other Projects in Western Canada

2016 – 3D Basin modeling of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

Master Thesis – IFP Energies nouvelles

Pauthier, S., Ducros, M., Chauveau, B. and Euzen, T. and Sassi, W. 2016, Modeling source rock distribution, thermal maturation, petroleum retention and expulsion: The Case of the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin (WCSB). AAPG Hedberg Conference, The Future of Basin and Petroleum Systems Modeling, Santa Barbara, California, USA, April 3-6 2016.

2015-2016 (ongoing): Sedimentology and diagenesis contribution to the prediction of TSR at basin scale – case study from the Devonian reservoirs of Alberta (Canada).

Collaboration IFP Energies nouvelles – IFP Canada

This project aims at better understanding the controls on the development of TSR on a well-documented case study, to improve TSR simulation in our basin modeler TemisFlow.

Guichet X., I., Kowalewski, M., Gasparrini, T., Euzen, P., Bachaud, and N., Maurand, 2017, H2S risk assessment at the basin scales, AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition, Houston, Texas, USA, 2-5 April 2017.

2016 – Stratigraphic modeling of organic-rich deposits of the Duvernay Formation using DionisosFlow

Chauveau, B., Granjeon, D., Pauthier, S., Ducros, M., 2017. Integration of marine organic matter deposition in a stratigraphic forward numerical model (DionisosFlow): Application on the Duvernay Formation (Canada). International Meeting of Sedimentology, Oct. 10-12 2017, Toulouse, France.

2015-2016 Stratigraphic modeling of organic-rich deposits of the Horn-River Basin using DionisosFlow.

Postdoc, University of Alberta.

Ayranci, K., T. Dong, and N. Harris, 2016, High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy and Forward Stratigraphic Modelling of a Deep-Water Shale Basin; Insights from the Upper Devonian Horn River Basin, BC, Canada. Gussow 2016: Clastic Sedimentology: New Ideas and Applications Banff, Alberta, Canada

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